I Am Going to Make a Radio Station

I got this idea after I remembered that I had read this article in PC World that told you how you can start an internet radio station for free. They made it sound as though it was not that big of a deal to do it and it is easy to do. However of course it is a lot easier when you are writing a story than it is when you are trying to figure out all of the details for yourself. It is not so easy for me, but I have started to try to figure it out. In fact I have been using cloud based systems for this in the past. I had an introductory offer from dropbox which gave me close to sixty GB of space on their cloud site. I had it filled up with music from my home computer, around fifty or sixty albums at least. It was enough for my needs, but that is going to expire in a short time. I guess that it has been almost two years since I bought my Samsung Tab 4 tablet.

At any rate I have not really been all that happy with any of the streaming services that I have tried, although I suppose that when you try them for free you are just going to have to deal with the ads that they have. I figure that if I make my own radio station on my home computer that is going to be ad free, unless of course I tried to monetize it on my own. I am not thinking that I am even going to make it open to the public though. I figure that way I would not even have any worries about paying royalties, although I only expect that matters if you have a revenue stream.

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